Sunday, August 9, 2009

Library2Play: Thing #23 Summarize Your Thoughts about This Program

Thing #23 Summarize Your Thoughts about This Program:
#1 It was all discovery for me. The embedded videos are favorites, especially the ones "In Plain English" and Teacher-tube. I have downloaded a few to use at school. The On-Line Productivity Tools, especially Google-Docs will be useful. I have joined Facebook, Social Follow and several RSS feeds, have an alert on Social Worker news, two blogs and a Wiki. Wow...this is progress!
#2 "23 Things" has met a goal to update my technology skills: a life-long journey. The tools are advancing so quickly, it is hard to keep up. The skills seemingly so routine to many, have challenged me at every step. Thank you for this opportunity to learn about "23 Things". I will stay on the journey.
#3 Unexpected outcomes are still being discovered. Technology can help me work more efficiently if I let it. I have been introduced to "23 Things" now I need to use them. The difference is now I want to.
#4 Attending the four scheduled meetings would have helped me immensely as I am a "hands on" learner and started out without this support. A team captain helped me when I stumbled over my blog address (thanks Vaughn!). I will ask for more help in the future.
#5 I would like to take this class over and attend the scheduled meetings with guided help to move through the "23 Things". I was not successful in completing all the tasks; tried and wonder what I did wrong but had to move on. An hour or two goes by fast through discovery.
#6 Challenging/overwhelming at times. I have much to continue learning! Thanks for this opportunity to see how much technology I could use if I "just get out there".
#7 I am very impressed with the blogs of my colleagues.How easily they can use the "things" and incorporate them into their teaching. Reading them helped me continue. (Thank you followers: L'l Bit and Rosemary!)

Library2Play: Thing #22: Nings

Library2Play: Thing #22: Nings
Ning for Teachers:Teacher Lingo
I liked the layout of this ning and it listed 5 tips to reduce back to school stress which caught my interest! Seemed a site I would like to join. Right now I have joined so many "things" that I need to take inventory. I found my Avatar and learned that I had sent it to another blog I created along the way. Knowing that I have more information about the 23 Things is a learing curve for me.
Thing #21: Podcasts and Videocasts

Lee's video gave a good overview; I like the Plain English version of Podcasting and agree that this allows such freedom when you don't have to depend on traditional broadcasting to make a video.
Then I come to my assignment: make my own photostory...
Just a note, when you save your Photostory you need to save it both as a .wmv file (or "for playback on your computer" and as a .wp3 file which is saving it as a "project")...didn't happen..
As I draw to the end of this project I realize how much I still need to photostory would show me asking for help as I review this information. The book report by the student was great...that is a tool to use.

Library2Play: Thing #20: YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar

Library2Play: Thing #20: YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar
The value of having access to these sites: wow...The Teacher Tube video "Pay Attention" is great. I am trying to download it now but seem to be having trouble even though a tutorial was presented.Not able to embed; going on...
On Blinkx, I viewed a video "How to Neutralize Mean Girls" which I could use as a learning tool for students who come to me for support.

Library2Play: Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards List

Library2Play: Thing #19: Web 2.0 Awards List
After spending too much time here to view the many tools, I ended up joining Facebook from as a way to continue to network with colleagues, friends and family. I searched for a job via "Standout Jobs" in employment and job listings; found templates via "Google Docs" to help with sign-in sheets for an upcoming parent meeting and sent an "instant survey" to my e-mail under another site and via events found out a performer who was coming to local venue.
Thing #18:Open Office
Will work with this site to create better posts and use templates to help publish information. My skills are truly not up to date and I need to "play" with these things a whole lot more. Google docs has "resume" and research templates which are very interesting too. I actually may use this one more. As I stated earlier, I will be updating my resume this year!
Thing # 17 Rollyo
This is a great tool to use for linking my "social worker sites" to students and parents. The video by Bruce Goodner is wonderful, unfortunately I am not ready to roll without help. My assignment is to post a link in my blog so I need to go over the instructions which are very clear and create a link for "social services" for use by students, parents and staff.